While heading home from holiday one late summer evening in early September, the Durrell family spied a sign on the side of a dusty country road leading to a farm, offering kittens for free.

On a whim, Mr. Durrell, a tall, willowy and quiet man with an easy-going nature, stopped the car and looked questioningly at his daughter and son, sitting in the backseat, expectant and cautious smiles on their young faces. ‘OK’ he said, answering the unspoken question in their eyes, ‘let’s go and have a look’. And so it was that the little ball of black and white fluff, later known as Rag, arrived at the Durrell’s large, old and rickety home at the end of a dirt track in the village of Moreford.


Mrs Anna Durrell was the one to choose his name. He was what you might refer to as scruffy, his fur having a mind of its own and sticking out any which way it chose, making ragged the first thought that came to mind when looking at him. So Mrs Durrell, of Nordic background, decided to call him Ragnar, after a legendary and very brave Viking who may or may not have existed, from the dawn of time. Ragnar quickly became just plain old Rag, and it did not take him long to settle into his home at Lane End, cuddling up to 8 year old Martha and 11 year old Henrik, whenever he got the opportunity.

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Rag finds a home

Rag The Cat

Rag is a good-natured, curious and easy-going cat with a mischievous streak.  He loves to relax and observe the world while sitting on the garden wall. He also adores having his tummy rubbed and will purr like a steam engine when his owner obliges. Meow!

Stanley The Badger

Stanley is very wise and happy to give advice to the other animals should they need guidance. He also has a twinkle in his eye and a great sense of humour.  

Rufus The Hound Dog

Rufus is a jolly and laid-back dog with a ready smile. He usually sees the best in others and is seldom annoyed or upset. Best of all he likes to find a cosy spot and quietly observe the world while daydreaming about food which he loves, especially heart-shaped doggy biscuits. Yum!!

Ernest the Grey Rabbit

Ernest is philosophical and calm and rarely gets upset even when faced with a problem. His favourite pastime is to read about heroes and daydream about being a knight in shining amour there to save the day. He is also a kindhearted rabbit, keen to give a helping hand when needed.