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The name Rag ‘n Muffin stems from the term ragamuffin meaning a ragged, untidy and somewhat dirty child.  Doesn’t sound great but actually it has, in this day and age, a more endearing connotation referring to a scruffy and un-kept look but not a dirty one.  So a ragamuffin is a shabby something or someone with a touch of stylishness in there. It’s a word that appeals to me.  


Also, coincidentally, a Ragamuffin is a breed of cat. It is believed the breed name was created by Ragdoll owners who mixed their cats with longhaired varieties. All of these associations fit with my style and creations; shabby chic, slightly un-kept, ragdolls, children and animals. And so the name was born.  


Muffin in my story is a hedgehog. One of my greatest loves in life is hedgehogs. I rarely see one these days other than in the form of road-kill, so, in order to bring them to the forefront and draw attention to their precarious plight due to traffic and loss of habitat, I created a hedgehog in my story. Rag the cat and Muffin the hedgehog. 


I haven’t been able to sew a hedgehog yet, but watch this space.  Lizzie 

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