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My name is Elizabeth and I am an art historian with an additional degree in decorative arts.  


At present I live in Zurich, Switzerland having spent much of my adult life moving from country to country as an expat. I suspect having moved so much - also as a child - I have always needed to make my home a safe sanctuary that felt cosy and welcoming, so as not to feel adrift.  So the concept of hygge is central to what I do satisfying the need to create things that conjure up sentiments of comfort, warmth and safety. 


It’s hard not to be aware of the detrimental impact our actions are having on the environment and not be deeply troubled.  There is no doubt in my mind that we both collectively and individually carry a great deal of responsibility to ensure that, through our actions and lifestyle, we endeavor to keep our planet a healthy and viable environment for all life, both now and in the future. It’s easy to feel inconsequential and powerless in the face of what, for many, feels like world-wide indifference, but to quote the American cultural anthropologist and author, Mary Mead:

“Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For indeed that’s all who ever have”. 

It encourages me to believe that every little thing I do does matter and does make a difference and if we all endeavor to do our part then we can change the world. I’m enthusiastic about making my own things – hand crafted and beautifully unique – made from whatever I have to hand. I also up cycle when I can and make some of my own clothes and gifts.


It’s my way of reducing my carbon footprint by minimizing the amount I consume and reusing items I would otherwise discard. It also means that I surround myself with individual, quirky and non mass-produced pieces. I’m a bit ad hoc so there isn’t actually a particular thread to what I make, it’s just whatever I see as a necessity in my home or that I have been inspired to try my hand at through observation or inspiration from others. I hope you have time to have a look at what I do and what I have for sale. Profits go to charity. 


Thank you for popping by and I hope that you will come again. 


Elizabeth (Lizzie) 

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tel. + 41 78 8907408

Zürich - Switzerland

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