My name is Lizzie and I am an art historian with an additional degree in decorative arts, currently living in Zurich, Switzerland.  Having lived the life of an ex-pat all my adult life, I have never actually used my academic skills.  Instead, I’ve had the opportunity to see a lot of the world ………..and gain much insight into its colourful diversity, which has been a big bonus. It’s inspired me to be creative in my own way. 

With my children, I have read and listened to many fantastical and imaginative stories about mythical creatures and magical worlds, …….. and this too has had a significant influence on my interests and work. 

​In addition, due to my mixed background – my father was English and my mother Norwegian – the Scandinavian concept and ideal of hygge are central to what I do. I desire to create that sense of warmth, harmony, wellbeing, cosiness and delight in the little things I remember so well from my childhood. As such it’s a theme running through everything I make. I wish my creations to conjure up that feeling of contentment and comfort. 


India was one of the countries I lived in, and there I met a lot of people who struggle to make ends meet on a daily basis. I hope, through my work, to ultimately be able to help them and also to be able to make donations to animal charities. Animals are my ‘thing’ – I would own a mini zoo if I could – so to be able to support charities that lovingly take care of and rehome many a sad and/or injured animal in need of love and protection, is naturally close to my heart. 


I hope you like what I have made and I thank you for looking in.  Read more about Rag Family  

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