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  • Rag TheCat
  • Rag TheCat
  • Rag TheCat

Rag TheCat


Rag is a good-natured, curious and easy-going cat with a mischievous streak.  He loves to relax and observe the world while sitting on the garden wall. He also adores having his tummy rubbed and will purr like a steam engine when his owner obliges. Meow!


Rag is more a decoration than a toy due to his delicate composition and attachments that could cause harm if ingested (ie buttons). Rag is ideal for placing on a shelf watching proceedings below. He can be handled by older children from age 10+.

  • Hand sewn using black and white felt. Stuffed with polyester fiberfill. Buttons on arms, legs and for eyes. Plastic whiskers. Jacket made from velvet with cotton lining. Soles of feet and inner ears made using cotton fabric. 

    Height: 45cm

    Weight: 125 gr.

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