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  • Philomena Floppy-Ears

Philomena Floppy-Ears


 Philomena is a strong-willed and determined young lady. She is full of ideas and is often busy making plans and organising her belongings. She has places to go and things to do. She’s never bored or lost for things to keep her occupied. Sometimes she gets a bit sleepy being that she is always on the go. 


Philomena is quite robust so can take handling by young children. She does, however, have bead eyes, which are a hazard to small children so would need to be played with under supervision until such time as the parents/guardians no longer view this as a danger. She is also a decoration, happy to occupy a shelf and observe happenings around her.

  • Hand and machine sewn using linen fabric. Stuffed with polyester fiberfill. Bead eyes. Dress and apron made of cotton.

    Product details:

    Height 42cm

    Weight: 120gr

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