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  • Edith Long - Ears

Edith Long - Ears


Edith is a dreamer who loves dressing up and pretending she’s a princess. She can often be found getting her friends to put on costumes and role-play different characters in her fantasy world. Everyone enjoys playing along.


Edith is quite robust so can take handling by young children. She does, however, have button eyes, which are a hazard to small children so would need to be played with under supervision until such time as the parents/guardians no longer view this as a danger. She is also a decoration, happy to occupy a shelf and observe happenings around her.

  • Hand and machine sewn using linen fabric. Stuffed with polyester fiberfill. Button eyes. Dress and bloomers made from cotton. 

    Product details:

    Height: 50cm

    Weight: 118gr

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