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  • 2 Trolls cushion cover
SKU: RNM0016

2 Trolls cushion cover


These two trolls are good-natured twins and are Santas little helpers in The North. Always together, they are ever ready to lend a hand when needed, day or night.


  • The troll cushion is hand-made from a mix of felted type materials. The cushion can be removed and is opened/closed using a zip. The edging is stitched in red blanket stitch. 

    Product detail:

    Size: 50 x 50cm

    Zip length: 40cm

    Other observations: This product is made from a mix of synthetic and natural fabrics. Washing instructions will accompany the product. The cushion itself, made from 100% polyester, comes at an additional cost of chf 15, if required. 

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